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Mr. Francesco Banchini

Mr. Francesco Banchini

CEO & Director


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Mr. Francesco Banchini is an experienced leader, educator, and researcher, having implemented many innovations in international schools. He has published a book on Leadership (convergent and divergent thinking), and one on historical musical notation, and articles on leadership and education. He holds Masters degrees in Music from Tor Vergata University, Rome and the Conservatory of Music, Naples, a Certificate in International Leadership and Organizational Behaviour (Bocconi University), A Certificate in Advanced Educational Leadership (Harvard University), and an MA in Educational Leadership and Management (University of Bath).

His educational experience has spanned a wide range of schools and curricula, including extensive work within the IBPYP, IBMYP, and IBDP as a coordinator, examiner, workshop leader, trainer, and presenter (IB Global Conferences, Experiential Learning Conferences, AIE, ECIS Leadership & Teacher Conferences, NYU Steinhardt, TEDx). His main areas of research include the role of culture in education and how leadership can be enhanced through the use of creativity.


11:40 AM - 12:00
Speaking Session

Sunday 12th May

Artificial Intelligence in Education: Empowering Teachers and Personalizing Learning

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