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Dr. Zulfiyya-Veysova AT GLOBAL EDUCATION Summit

Dr. Zulfiyya Veysova


Baku European Lyceum – innovative school for gifted children, Azerbaijan

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Principal of Baku European Lyceum – innovative school for gifted children. Author of the “Gifted Child” Educational Model of the Lyceum.

International Consultant in Education policy development, teacher training, curriculum development, learning environment, mentoring, assessment and evaluation, educational management, and early childhood development, with over 30 years of experience in development, implementation, and management of innovative educational model for primary and secondary education, including curriculum development and teacher training.

She also has over 25 years of experience in consulting services in education reform issues linked to international organizations (World Bank, EC, UNICEF, Asian Development Bank) in Azerbaijan and different countries.

Dr. Veysova is highly experienced in developing Teacher Professional materials design, which includes: CPD policy, curriculum development and delivery of teacher training programs, development guidelines for TPD, models of school based and of competence-based Teacher Standards.

Her experience as School Principal in Baku European Lyceum has provide her with a vast experience in school management and quality assurance.

She is the author of the National Program on Active Learning (MOE of Azerbaijan Republic), as well as one of the authors of the Curriculum reform in Azerbaijan (Active learning methodology) or The National Strategy for Education Development for 2011-2021 in Azerbaijan.


02:30 - 03:20
Speaking Session

Sunday 12th May

Reimagining the Learning Environment: Personalized Learning, Flexible Pathways, and the Changing Classroom

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