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Dr. Dinesh Kamra



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Dr. Dinesh Kamra, CEO of Alert Knowledge Services, is a pioneering force in education since 2010. With a rich educational background, he’s made significant strides as a writer, researcher, and innovator, shaping the industry. Dr. Kamra has trained over a thousand education professionals, clocking an impressive 20,000 hours, emphasizing his dedication to excellence. Leading Alert Knowledge Services in India, he’s consulted over 2000 schools, elevating educational standards nationwide.

His introduction of Academic Audits and development of 30 tailored manuals showcases his commitment to academic rigor. Dr. Kamra’s global vision for education transcends borders, aiming for inclusivity and innovation. Embracing technology, he advocates for its seamless integration to revolutionize teaching methodologies, preparing students for the digital age.

Dr. Kamra’s leadership and commitment to excellence position him as a key influencer, driving educational advancements globally. His vision for a boundaryless, technology-empowered learning future signifies his dedication to shaping tomorrow’s education landscape.


10:15 - 10:30
Speaking Session

Sunday 12th May

The Future of Education: Bridging the Gaps between Innovation and Implementation

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