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Global Education Summit 2024 Baku

Ms. Arifa Rasulova


ITE (Innovative Technologies in Education), Azerbaijan

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Mrs. Arifa Rasulova embodies a lifelong dedication to education and language enrichment. Born in 1955 in Sheki, Azerbaijan, her journey through academia and professional development has been marked by milestones of excellence.

Her formative years at Baku School No.164 laid the foundation for a passion that would shape her career. Graduating in 1976 from the Institute of Foreign Languages, she embarked on a remarkable tenure as an English language teacher at Baku School No.164, spanning an impressive 44 years until 2020.

Arifa’s commitment to educational advancement garnered international recognition. In 2002 and 2003, she was honored with the prestigious USA Awards (ACCELs) for her outstanding contributions to education. Additionally, her exemplary work earned her a coveted opportunity to study in Great Britain through the “Hornby” education grant competition organized by the British Council. At the British University of Warwick, she pursued post-graduate studies in “Teaching English,” earning a Master of Humanities in English Language Teaching (MA in ELT) in 2004.

Beyond the classroom, Arifa’s impact extends through her authorship of English language textbooks and methodical aids, enriching educational resources for students and teachers alike. Her innovative approach and dedication were recognized when she clinched the title of “Best Teacher of the Year” in the 2008-2009 academic year.

Transitioning to a role as a Research and Development specialist and later as a Content and Trainer Training Researcher at “Innovative Technologies in Education” (ITE) Additional Education Center LLC, Arifa continues to pioneer advancements in educational methodologies and practices.

Mrs. Arifa Rasulova’s journey is an Example to the transformative power of education and the enduring legacy of a lifelong commitment to excellence.


04:20 - 04:50
Speaking Session

Sunday 12th May

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